# Organization and Roles

MyScale offers organization management capabilities, where each account joining the organization is assigned a role that determines their permissions within the organization. This document will outline the permissions associated with each role and provide instructions for organization administrators to add and remove accounts, among other organization management actions.

# MyScale Roles and Allowed Actions

In every organization, three distinct types of roles with varying levels of account privileges can be assigned to individuals within the organization. They are as follows:

  • Owner
  • Administrator (Admin)
  • Developer

The following table summarizes the different account privileges to assist you in determining how the roles should be assigned:

Category Action Owner Admin Developer
Cluster Management Create Cluster
Configure Cluster
Start Cluster
Stop Cluster
Import Sample Data
Reset Cluster Password
View Cluster Monitoring
Delete Cluster
SQL Execution
Developer Tools Python Client
Node.js Client
Go Client
JDBC Driver
HTTPS Interface
Organization Management View Organization Users
Invite User
Modify User Role
Remove User
Usage View Organization Usage
Billing Switch Pricing Plan
Update Credit Card
View Billing Information
Support & Help Submit Support Ticket

# Switch Organization

One account can be linked to multiple organizations, enabling users to switch between them easily via the top-left option.



Under the Development Plan, the current organization permits a maximum of 2 accounts, whereas under the Standard Plan, the current organization allows for up to 25 accounts.

# Invite User

Organization administrators have the ability to extend invitations to users for joining the organization. These invitations are dispatched to the respective users via email.

  1. Within the Admin section, navigate to Users and access the relevant page.


  1. Opt for the "Invite User" option.


  1. Insert the email address of the user you wish to invite.


  1. Below the role assignment, designate the role you intend to assign to the user, and then select "Send Invitation."


The invitation email will be transmitted to the email address you provided. This invitation contains a link that allows the recipient to either log in or register and accept the invitation to access MyScale.


Please note that after sign up or sign in, you will still need to click the button in the invitation email once more to complete the registration process.

# Modify User Role

Organization administrators have the capability to modify a user's role within the organization.

  1. Within the user list, locate the column corresponding to the user's role.


  1. Click on the user's role option that you wish to modify and select the desired role to make the change.


# Remove User

Organization administrators can remove a user from the organization using the following steps:

  1. In the "User Management" list, locate the user you intend to remove.
  2. In the "Actions" section, choose "Remove."


  1. Confirm the action by clicking "Remove" to remove the user.
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